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Get to know the recruiting specialists with an international outlook who have been operating successfully in Germany and western Europe for over 17 years.

Experte, Berater, Hände, interpars

The advantages for you

Benefit from our long years of experience, our comprehensive knowledge of the sector and our systematic and analytical working methods. We will quickly find the right candidate for you. We stand by that, it’s our business.

Use the teamwork with us to your advantage:

  • Save time and money by avoiding expensive hiring errors
  • Minimise staff turnover
  • Make use of our extensive experience, particularly where sales positions are concerned
  • Take advantage of our guarantee of success
  • Benefit from the personal analysis which we use to select candidates who reliably fit your requirements profile.
Experte, Berater, Telefon, interpars

Our values

Our values form the basis of our day-to-day work. They are not simply recorded on paper, we live and experience them in every one of our projects.

People-oriented methodology

Orientation towards the person and towards “social competence” is central to our methodology.

Openness and Transparency

Honesty and transparency towards our clients and candidates is a fundamental pillar of our project work and communication.


We keep our word, that is important to us. That includes maintaining the confidentiality of all the data and information which we receive from our clients and candidates.


We guarantee success. We are tenacious and don’t give up, even if the going gets tough. We always continue with search projects until they are successfully concluded.


Internationality is more than just linguistic competence. An openness to new ideas, flexible solutions and various cultures is reflected in our thinking and attitude.

Experte, Berater, interpars

Our experience

With our experience of hundreds of successfully concluded search projects, we can support you in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England and Austria.

  • Co-operation with international clients is part of our day-to-day business.
  • The main focus of our experience is in sectors including mechanical engineering, the chemical industry, the paper industry, electronics, automation, medical technology and the automotive industry.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in sales, customer service, senior and middle management.
  • Daily dealings with medium-sized enterprises are as familiar to us as the complexity of large international concerns