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Experte, Berater, Hände, interpars

In smaller and often also in medium-sized enterprises there are frequently no specialised recruitment staff.

Thanks to our experience in personnel consulting, we can offer you the necessary support for your own search and hiring processes.

Effective search process

Experte, Berater, Telefon, interpars

There are several steps in the search process during which we will be on hand to give you the benefit of our experience. We thus offer you the necessary certainty as well as saving you work.

We can, for instance, help you in

  • definition of the job profile
  • selection of the search method
  • selection of media
  • the writing of the advertisement
  • performance of the interviews
  • making the final selection

And you can also use the personal analysis yourself to select the right type of person. Call us. We’ll show you how it works.

Candidate analysis

Experte, Berater, interpars

Certificates and “instinct” are no longer sufficient these days to properly analyse candidates and make the right decision for your company.
With our support and the “Extended DISC/Personal Analysis“ you can considerably improve your confidence and your success rate.

The personal analysis is quickly completed. The information generated makes the decision process significantly easier. We will be happy to offer you the benefit of our experience in analysing “soft skills”.

Career advice

Experte, Berater, interpars

Do you want to change direction in your professional development or do you feel that your present job no longer fulfils your wishes, requirements and desires, that it actually no longer suits you?

Ask yourself: Where would I have the best opportunities? In what sectors do I have the most potential? But also: What are the pros and cons of my present job and what can or must I do to get on here?

Call us to arrange an appointment.
With a career analysis, an “Extended DISC Personal Analysis” and a personal consultation with us, you are already one step further. You can see the future more clearly and steer towards new goals. If you wish, with our help.