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EXTENDED DISC Analysis System

EXTENDED DISC Analysis System

interpars Ltd. has been using the Extended DISC Analysis System for five years as the basis for every search project. As a result, we have increased our success rate to almost 100%.

Extended DISC is a unique, easy-to-use analysis system developed in Finland for effective recruitment, general performance improvement and improved team performance.

It is a software-based navigation system of characteristic behavioural patterns which makes our work, our evaluations and our interaction with other people easier. Using the Extended DISC Analysis System you can:

  • improve your recruiting success rate
  • increase your employees’ individual performance
  • improve the performance of your team.

Extended DISC offers you practical options for action to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

The system is used world-wide and is available in 40 languages. The most important modules for recruitment are:

Using the modules mentioned above in your recruiting process gives you information on questions such as

  • What type of person you should look for to fill your vacancy?
  • What type of person will best complement the team?
  • What type of person is best suited to the challenges of the future?
  • Which of the candidates best fits the profile?
  • How will the candidate react in situations typical for the job?
  • How can the candidates best be motivated/managed?
  • Where is the potential for the future?
  • How does the candidate interact with the team?

Module: Personal Analysis

EXTENDED DISC Analysis System, writing, notes, Personal Analysis

The module "Personal Analysis" is ideally suited for recruiting, all career issues, coaching and personal development. Its success is based upon its ability to provide information to enable better decision-making.

The module "Personal Analysis" is ideally suited for recruiting, all career issues, coaching and personal development. Its success is based upon its ability to provide information to enable better decision-making.

The report identifies the real strengths and development zones in order to enable genuine performance improvement or evaluation. Extended DISC "Personal Analysis" is very easy to use. The questionnaire can be completed in approx. 10 minutes online or in paper form.

Personal Analysis is not only useful for the individual but also for those working directly with that person. The result is a better understanding of human behaviour (one’s own and that of others) and thereby particularly in recruiting a “bull’s eye”.

Module: Work Analysis

EXTENDED DISC Analysis System, Work Analysis, keyboard

The Extended DISC Work Analysis answers the difficult question: “What are the specific behavioural requirements of a job to achieve the desired results?”

The Work Analysis enables you to identify and prioritise types of behaviour for a specific job in order to achieve the best results. The Work Analysis helps to set realistic expectations and clearly define the various attitudes of the persons to be evaluated.

The Extended DISC "Work Analysis" is easy to use. It only takes about 20 mins to fill out a questionnaire for the analysis. There are specific questionnaires for various work tasks from management to administration.

Module: Team Analysis

EXTENDED DISC Analysis System, Team Analysis, notes

The Team Analysis provides you with an easy-to-use framework to be able to rapidly understand complex subjects, identify solutions and improve performance. The team dynamics, strengths and development zones of the team are represented.

Through the representation it is easy to establish where the individual team members stand and what role, e.g. a new member will assume within the team.

After the Extended DISC Personal Analysis questionnaire is completed, one only has to select the persons from the database who are to be combined into a team. No further questionnaires need to be completed. The evaluation process only takes a few seconds.

Module: Working Pairs Analysis

EXTENDED DISC Analysis System, interview, Working Pairs Analysis

The Working Pairs Analysis shows a clear picture of the interaction of two persons in the work environment. It helps the working pair to select suitable actions to improve their joint performance.

The Working Pairs Analysis combines the results of the "Personal Analyses" of two persons into a user-friendly evaluation. Where do the working pair complement each other, where are there overlaps, where are the gaps. There are no more questionnaires to be completed. The process only takes a few seconds.

In the recruiting sector its typical uses are in the areas of improvement or anticipation of performance

between superior <> new employee
between new manager <> existing employees
between employees on the same level
between team member <> team member